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Photos and Testimonials


See For Yourself!


The photos you see here show how a new denture with proper bite and lip support corrections can make a real difference.




"First let me say these are the best dentures I've ever had. I've had dentures for almost 45 years and for the last 20 years, dentists—as there was more than one—were unable to make dentures to properly fit my mouth; the last two sets broke as well as they did not fit right…these dentures that John made do not need adhesive. They fit perfectly and I can eat an apple, pizza (without knife and fork) and BBQ ribs now. I am totally satisfied. I recommend to anyone who needs dentures to go to John Lilly. I will accept phone calls to verify this recommendation through the Lilly office. Just ask for my number."

– Bill M., Plympton, NS

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